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Gold Bullion (12,50 kg Bars)-minumum 200 mTon Contract-Price LBMA-12/8%-Reference: 9116.09.545.625.112-PAD Payment after delivery

Gold Bullion (1kg Bars)-10 mTon Contract-Price LBMA-11/8%-Reference: 9110.09.545.625.112-PAD Payment after delivery





Gold Nugget-300 kg/month-Price LBMA-9/6%-Reference: 8897.09.545.493.95-PAD Payment after delivery

Gold Bar-250 kg/month-Tanaka (Japan)  Hall Mark-Price LBMA-12/8%-Reference: 8898.09.545.191.95-PAD

Gold Nugget and Bar-500 Kg/month-Price LBMA-9% (Commission 750$/kg+1500 $/kg)-Reference: 8898.09.545.457.98)

Gold Nugget and Bar-250 Kg/month-Price LBMA-12/8% -Reference: 8915.09.545.502.98)

Gold Bullion Bar-200 mTon (Spot)-Price LBMA-9.00/6.00-Reference:8869.09.545.596.101 (ask Draft contract)

Gold Dust-22,50 carat (94%)-200 kg/month-origin Mali-Price LBMA-15% (second fixing) (ask draft contract)

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Lantanium Production (REE)




1 Troy Once=31.1034768 gm


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